Peanut_BrittleWe help you raise money!

We partner with schools, non-profits, churches, fraternities, sororities,
and even families for their fundraising purposes.

You receive a premium gourmet product made by hand,
and made in the USA at the lowest possible price for resale.

– Handmade one batch (3 lbs.) at a time
– Gluten Free
– Additive and Preservative Free
– 2 lbs. of fresh nuts in each 3 lb. batch (we don’t skimp on the good stuff)
– We have been making our brittles for over 60 years
– Family owned business, made in the USA

Fundraising Forms:
We provide you and your volunteers with all the forms needed at a minimal price.
The forms will be customized with your selling prices and information.

What you receive:
• Excel file for tracking your sales, this file does the math for you so no calculations are missed.
• Two-part NCR order forms, this way you will have a duplicate of all processed orders.
• Price sheets with information on the products as well as information on filling out the order forms.

The details:

We offer the following of our signature brittles for fundraising:
Cashew Brittle – One of our most popular brittles!
Peanut Brittle – This is the brittle we became famous for, it’s super crunchy!
Pecan Brittle – Very rich, this is our sweetest brittle.
Sunflower Brittle – Kansas sunflowers make this brittle one of our crispiest and thinnest.
Sweet Heat Brittle – Our traditional peanut brittle with our own blend. of spices added to it. Starts out sweet then gradually heats up.

Brittles are packaged in 3 sizes: 1/2 lb. stand-up bag, 1.5 lb. container or a 3 lb. container


When your ready to begin your fundraising project give us a call!  (913)701-6444