Winnie Andrews began her candy making career as a teenager in the
early 1930’s in Arkansas working for a candy store making various candy
products including Peanut Brittle. Then in the 1950s after refining the
recipe, she began making peanut brittle in small batches for her two sons
to give to their school teachers as holiday gifts.

In 1955, those school teachers approached Mrs Andrews and asked her to
make peanut brittle for them to give to their friends and family for gifts.
She officially started making candy to sell in 1955 out of her home and
selling it along side the highway under an umbrella.

The 1960’s came along and so did newer standards for food preparing
and manufacturing from the health department. To comply, Winnie had
her husband Calvin build a small one room kitchen on their property to
make her candy. A small sign stood in front of the candy kitchen reading
“Andrews Peanut Brittle”. Over the next 20 years, the Andrews family
added to Winnie’s one room kitchen creating a much larger facility by the
1980’s, even offering mail-order.

Winnie and Calvin retired in 1992, and Winnie’s son Gary and his wife
Charmee, bought the business from and changed the name to Andrews
Candy Company. They moved the business to a new modern facility, but
still made everything by hand just like Winnie made it.

Today, the Andrews family continues the tradition of hand-making Winnie’s candies.
They have moved locations as well as having multiple locations since the
original in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Currently the kitchen and gift store are
located in Weatherford, TX.